A raccoon is a major threat to the dogs. Mostly, a dog which is not familiar with raccoon will tend to invoke a fight between the two. However, a dog will always lose the fight between it and a raccoon. It attacks in high speed and it is quick to note the weak points in a dog.

According to raccoon removal Toronto, these wild animals target dog’s eyes to make blind at the same time, they try to rolls dogs on its back scratching its lungs and the belly. Raccoons can infect your dog with rabies or other infections that can cause failure of the eyes, lungs, kidneys, and the urethra.

In such a moment, your dog will be in a dangerous condition. Nonetheless, you can help your dog after such an attack. The following include some tips on how you can go about it:

a) Seek Evaluation for Your Dog by a Veterinarian

Raccoons are associated with infecting pets with Rabies disease. This disease spreads like a plague. Mostly, raccoons attack pets while they are in an attempt to spread the disease.

Thus, it is important for you to seek for an evaluation for your dog to check whether it has been infected with this disease. If the dog contracts the disease, you can proceed with treatment.

b) Vaccinate Your Dog with Rabies Booster Shot

Raccoons are nocturnal. Thus, if you happen to see one in your compound or if one attacks your dog, it should give you a warning. A raccoon may also attack your dog at night if you like letting your dog to remain out and safeguard your home at night.

Thus, after such an attack, you should be sure to vaccinate your dog. If the raccoon passed rabies virus to your dog, you can be in a position to prevent your dog from contracting the disease. If your dog was recently vaccinated, you can seek advice from a veterinary on the next step.

c) Quarantine Your Dog

You may be having other pets or even kids. The risk of rabies spreading in your home or your neighborhood might be posed by a raccoon attack. Therefore, secluding the attacked dog from home can help you to prevent the spread.

d) Treat Your Dog

After raccoon attack, you should be keen to treat your dog immediately. Treatment is done on the injuries and wounds caused on the dog’s body. If the dog has contracted rabies disease, you should also seek for its immediate treatment.

Raccoons have caused deaths of many pets including the dogs. Since the mammal belongs to the nocturnal group, there are higher chances of finding one in your compound during the night. Therefore, you may consider having your pets spend the night inside the house. This will prevent any attacks by raccoon at night.